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What are our Curriculum Drivers?




At Meltham CE Primary School, we believe that our curriculum should offer children not only the National Curriculum and the EYFS statutory framework but also life skills and experiences beyond this.


Alongside teaching the requirements of the National Curriculum, the staff at Meltham CE have worked together to identify three key drivers to underpin our broad and balanced curriculum. These drivers aim to prioritise the development of key skills and also to provide the children with experiences to enrich their learning journey.


The drivers we have chosen incorporate experiences both inside and outside the classroom. These key drivers are personal to our school and reflect the social and educational needs of our local area. 


We summarise our drivers as: STANDOUT – BREAKOUT - SHOUTOUT


What does it mean to STANDOUT?


STANDOUT is our intention to develop a sense of belonging, a sense of self and to promote diversity, equality and wellbeing. STANDOUT promotes independence by giving our children responsibilities in the school and wider community. STANDOUT also provides opportunities for children to make choices and take responsibility for their learning. We teach and develop thinking skills that allow children to increase their independent learning and independence socially.


What does it mean to BREAKOUT?


BREAKOUT is our desire for children to be curious about the world around them and to value it. We encourage the children to be inquisitive about their learning both inside and beyond the classroom. Our school is blessed with a rich outside learning environment and BREAKOUT signposts how we use this. Our children’s learning and wellbeing are boosted by memorable outdoor learning opportunities.


BREAKOUT reaches out into our wider community and engagement with other organisations. We develop links within our local community and further afield to promote understanding, empathy and an appreciation of cultural diversity. This includes inviting visitors and guests into our school to further broaden the experiences of our children.


What does it mean to SHOUTOUT?


SHOUTOUT gives pupils a voice to express their opinions, thoughts and ideas. SHOUTOUT promotes children’s self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to speak out and be heard. Leadership is a big part of our SHOUTOUT driver. Children have the opportunity to be part of our range of councils and may take a lead in driving change for the better.


Performance is an important part of our driver: this ranges from sharing work with our peers to performing in our school hall or at other venues.


SHOUTOUT performances and events present opportunities for children to share their personal learning journeys and showcase their talents to their peers and families. This strengthens positive relationships with parents and our wider community.




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