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A number of clubs are held after school and open to specified year groups - all clubs finish at 4:15pm.  Places for clubs are secured on a first come, first served basis by making payment via

Children are dismissed from the front office and children will only be allowed to leave unattended if this has been confirmed in writing by the parent. All clubs are non-refundable.

After School Clubs Summer 2024


Monday Kirk Jacobs Footy Tots Y1-2  20 pupils  11 weeks 15th April to 8th July 2024 £3.50/£38.50
Excludes 6th & 27th May Bank holidays
Wednesday Rick Fox Football academy & sports club Y3-6 20 pupils  8 weeks 17th April to 10th July 2024 £3.50/£28.00
Excludes Neiley Races 15th May, 22nd May & 12th June & 29th May (half term) & 26th June (Yr6 performance) 
Thursday Rick Fox Go Girls! Football KS2 Girls 20 pupils  11 weeks 18th April to 11th July 2024 £3.50/£38.50
Excludes 30th May (half term) & 27th June  (Yr6 performance)
Friday Miss Ella Dance Stars Y1 Y2 20 pupils  10 weeks 19th April to 12th July 2024 £3.50/£35.00
Excludes 24th May, 31st May (half term) 5th July (summer fair)
Friday Kirk Jacobs Football Strikers Y3-6 20 pupils 11 weeks 19th April to 12th July 2024 £3.50/£38.50
Excludes 31st May (half term) 5th July (summer fair)


Footy Tots After School Club Y1 and Y2 Summer Term 2024

Football Academy & Sports Club After School Club Y3 to Y6 Summer Term 2024

Go Girl! Football After School Club KS2 Girls Summer Term 2024

Dance Stars After School Club Y1 & 2 Summer Term 2024

Football Strikers After School Club Y3 - Y6 Summer Term 2024


Please note that if you have been able to make payment via ParentPay then a space was available and has been allocated to your child. 




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