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Forest School


At Meltham CE we recognise the value of being outdoors. More than this recognition and the BREAKOUT strand of our learning , we are investing in Forest Schools in a wider and more comprehensive way than ever before.  During the course of the year, Ruth Patterson, a level 3 accredited practitioner, works with every year group from Reception to Year 6, providing opportunities for spontaneous, child-led play which encourages children's creative response. The focus is on process, not product and is proven to have positive impacts on children's self-esteem, cooperation, speech and language; the artistic response and collaborative learning approaches may even impact positively on children's attainment in the classroom (EEF, 2021).  What is very clear though, is how much the children enjoy it.  Your child's teacher will let you know in advance of their sessions and the link below will give you added information about exactly what Forest School is, how it works and what you will need to help your child make the most of these sessions. 

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