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School Meals and Milk

Children can choose to have a school lunch or bring their own packed lunch to school.  If a child wishes to change from one to the other this can only be done at the beginning of a half term and two weeks notice must be given to the school office.  Nearly all of the meals provided by our school are made here on site every day by our skilled kitchen team.  School meals will cost £2.30 from September 2020 and must be paid for in advance by the Monday morning or half termly at the beginning of each half term via ParentPay, our secure online payment system. No cash is accepted in school.

Children who regularly have a packed lunch can however have a school lunch on a Tuesday and/or a Thursday which must be booked via the school office and paid for half termly in advance. The deadline for payment for Terrific Tuesdays and Tremendous Thursdays will be displayed on ParentPay.

Our school dinner menus are below.


Optional School Meal Payment Card
If you prefer to pay for school meals using cash or card at any shop displaying the PayPoint logo you can order a wallet sized barcoded payment card which can be used multiple times until your child leaves school. Use the Payment Card instead of a barcoded letter which is easy to damage or lose. Price of Payment Card is £1.80 including VAT and can be purchased via ParentPay. Cards will be delivered to school and distributed via your child. 

Milk can now be ordered for the Autumn term 2020 at a cost of £11.50 for the whole term. Pupils who partake of the 'Milk in Schools Scheme' benefit from a subsidy from this scheme. This represents a significant reduction in the actual cost of the milk.  If your child is entitled to free school meals and wishes to have milk in the Autumn term 2020 please email to confirm that you wish for your child to have milk.



If your child has an allergy or intolerance to any foods, please read and respond to the letter that can be found here.


Lunch payments for 2020 2021 are due as follows:-

  School Meals Costs 2020/2021

Pupil meals are £2.30 per day           

Adult meals are £2.76 per day

Monday to Friday          (whole half term) Monday to Friday (weekly) Tuesday                          OR                       Thursday Tuesday                AND                  Thursday

Autumn 2020                    1st Half Term             

9th Sept 2020 to 23rd Oct 2020

33 days = £75.90 5 days = £11.50

Tues 6 days = £13.80

Thurs 7 days = £16.10

13 days = £29.90

Autumn 2020                    2nd Half Term           

2nd Nov 2020 to 18th Dec 2020

34 days = £78.20 5 days = £11.50 7 days = £16.10 14 days = £32.20

Spring 2021                       1st Half Term                

4th Jan 2020 to 12th Feb 2021

30 days = £69.00 5 days = £11.50 6 days = £13.80 12 days = £27.60

Spring 2021                      2nd Half Term                  

22nd Feb 2021 to 26th March 2021

25 days = £57.50 5 days = £11.50 5 days = £11.50 10 days = £23.00

Summer 2021                    1st Half Term                    

12th April 2021 to 27th May 20201

33 days = £75.90 5 days = £11.50 7 days = £16.10 14 days = £32.20

Summer 2021
2nd Half Term             

7th June 2021 to 23rd July 2021

35 days = £80.50 5 days = £11.50 7 days = £16.10 14 days = £32.20


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